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Title: Adult Harvest Thanksgiving
Date(s): December 5, 2021
Venue: COCIN LCC Saltimari Learn more»

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Everything God has ever done, he's doing and will do is done in Love, with Love and for Love. As believers who are product of Divine love, we are expected…


March 14, 2021
Humility is a virtue of having low view of one's self. It's to be free from pride and arrogance, as a result putting others first. The result of humility is…

Will Your Anchor Hold?

October 18, 2020
An anchor prevents a ship from drifting as a result  it guides the ship on it's tract. Even as believers there's no guarantee we won't face challenging situations in life.…
A transformed person is patient, gentle, obedient, and godly
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By Mrs. H. J. Mshelia Humility is a virtue of having a low view of one’s self. It is to be free from pride and arrogance, consequently, putting others first. The fallout of this is unity, togetherness, love and success

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