Our History


Early Christian settlers in what is known as Saltimari today were

  • Mallam Danfulani
  • Mr. Andrew Garkida
  • Mallam Isa Karagama
Baba Isa Karagama
The Vision Bearer

The vision bearer for the establishment of COCIN Saltimari, the vision was conceived In the year 1980

The Church started as a prayer house; The first prayer session was held at Baba Ishaku’s apartment
No. 2 Molai Quarters, Polo Ward.
The Prayer House was later moved to
Mr Haruna Ibrahim’s residence near baba Isa’s house.

After due consultation between baba Isa Karagama and Mr. Andrew Garkida (Treasurer LCC Kirikasama) the then House of Prayer was recognized as such by LCC Kirikasama. These took place when
Rev. Ezekiel Damuna was RCC Chairman
and Rev. Sabo Lalle was Rev. I/C LCC Kirikasama.

The first piece of land for the church was purchased in 1982 at the cost of ₦1, 600;
with funds from the RCC
Rev. Luka Mohzo (LCC Molai) & Pst. Zakka (CC Molai Bariki) did the payment
However formal documentation could not be completed until 1984; While in 1987
C of O was obtained through the efforts of
Mr. Joshua Galadima

The first building was erected in 1984 with zincs; it was later destroyed by wind which gave way for the erection of the 2-bed room apartment currently standing in the church compound

On 10th October 1984 LCC Kirikasama deployed Cat. Salihu Mamman Hong
He took care of the Sunday school and Mid-week Prayer sessions while adult attended service at Kirikasama.

The Pioneer Pastor

Catchiest Salihu Mamman Hong

First Congregation Made up of families of:

  • Catchiest Salihu Mamman Hong
  • Mallam Adamu Garba
  • Mallam Isa Karagama
  • Mr. Samuel Sule
  • Mr. Paul Yerima
  • Mr. Stephen Ndarva
  • Mrs. Milcha Michael
  • Sgt. Nyampaya Pur
  • Mr. Dauda Bwala
  • Mr. Samuel Ntasiri
  • Mr. Yunana Dogonyaro
  • Mr.Stephen Gambo
  • Mr. Dauda Dakwali
  • Mrs. Lydia Silas

Plots of land for church expansion.
School plots bought in 1993 (N5,000)
Plot adjacent to the church bought in 2003 (above N1.2m)

Church Expansion
Expansion work started in 2000 during the leadership of
Rev. Yakubu Davou Dafei
Work stopped not long after,
only to continue in 2003 during Rev Elisha Kabura
Building Committee was inaugurated in 2000
First Chairman Building Comm. was Mr. Joshua Galadima
Present Chairman building Comm. is Engr. Bulus Ijabula

Present Building Comm.

Engr. Bulus Ijabula
Mr. Toba Zibdam
Mrs. Grace Kadala
Engr. Samuel Chiwar
Mrs. Hauwa James
Mr. Benjamin John

Worship commenced in the new building in 2010
An estimated sum of N21 million was spent on the new building to God’s glory.

Founding fathers
First Church Building

Lead Pastors till date

1 Cat. Salihu M.Hong
2 Rev. Luka G. Mohzo
3 Rev. Yohanna A. Bitrus
4 Rev. Yakubu D. Dafei
5 Rev. Elisha A. Kabura
6 Rev. Paul S. Lekshak
7 Rev. Andrew S. Shingumi
8 Rev. Yusuf Lange
9 Rev. Ishira Garba
10 Rev. Augustine Molyini (JP)
11 Rev. Andrawus Y. Dabawa

Secretaries to date
  • Mr. Samuel Sule
  • Mr. Haruna Ibrahim
  • Mr. Dzarma K. madu
  • Mr. Eli H. Tartius
  • Mr. Dzarma K. Madu (2 occasions)
  • Mr. Henry B. Mamman
  • Mr. Yaro Elijah
  • Mr. Joseph Kwajaffa
Sources of Info
  • Baba Adamu Garba  
  • Mr.  Victor Mathew