Time (Kainos)

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Pst. Yakubu Ngaruru

Eccl 3:1-8
Eph 5:12-18


*Family that pleases God
-Think together
-Will be a role model
-Will have adequate time for the children

*Responsibilities of a Godly Husband
-He is the family Pastor
-Nurture the family
-A role model to the family

*Woman that wants to please God
-Honour God’s word
-Avoid adultery

*Children that wants to please God
-Honour their parents
-Fear God

*People that Pleases God
-Should be God fearing
-Adhere to the elders that fear God

Categories of Time

Today, the gospel have been under attack
and so also believers.

Ignorance of using our Kainos, will affect our life plans


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