The Benefits of Holiness

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Apostle Paul admonished his son in 2Tim 2 that “if anyone cleanses his or herself from ignoble things is qualifed as an instrument for noble things. God desires his children to set themselves apart . To be set apart is to be holy, to “come out from among them”, to be different. Hebrews 12:14 gave a vivid focal point of living a holy life which is to see God, to behold God and to experience God.
To be set apart is to be different and do differently from the generally acceptable norms; abhor what God abhors but love what He loves
As children of God (John 1:12) and to truly be that, our priority must be holiness in all spheres of our lives. When we live, reign and exercise holiness God will bless us with Divine protection, God will never let us down, He will uplift and uphold us even in front of our enemies. In Psalm 34:15 we know that God listens to his children.
For effective service to God we must be holy, because the condition of the vessel matters (2Tim 2:20-21). Holiness establishes communication and fellowship between you and God.

Living a holy life is a command and every bonafide child obeys his father


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